Warn family members. Unless you are trying to conduct a fire drill, you should let everyone in the home know that you will be testing the smoke detector so that they will not feel frightened when the detector goes off.



Test the power. Even many smoke detectors are equipped with a light that indicates the unit is receiving power, you should still use the test button to ensure that the alarm will sound properly. You can do this by pushing and holding the test button for a few seconds.


Check the smoke sensor using an aerosol spray. In addition to making sure that the unit is receiving power properly, you will want to makClose-up Of White Smoke Detector On A Ceiling
e sure that the detector’s smoke sensor is working correctly, too. You can purchase an inexpensive aerosol spray, which is designed specifically for testing smoke detectors. If your alarm does not sound when you use this product as directed by the manufacturer, the sensor in your detector may be worn out. If this is the case, replace your detector immediately.

smoke detector

Test the smoke sensor using real smoke, if allowed by the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also use real smoke to test the smoke sensor. To do this, light two or three matches, and hold them together a few feet underneath the detector. The smoke from the matches should cause the alarm to sound if the detector is functioning properly. If it doesn’t sound, replace the detector immediately.

Test your detector at least once each month. Some recommend testing your detectors each week. Obviously, it is better to check them more frequently, so do it each week if you can. If you can’t, then be sure to plan a time each month to check each smoke detector.

To see a video demosntration of how to run a test click here.

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